Welcome to Avon

OMS Codename "Avon" is an implementation of the OMS data management system based on the db4objects object oriented-database. Avon consists of a database core that implements all functionality specified by the OM data model. Further, it provides access to the managed data through the Object Model Language (OML), as well as through an OMSjp compliant interface.

Storage Implementations

One characteristic feature of Avon is the possibility to store the data with different storage providers (Also known as "storage backend" elsewhere). Currently there are three such implementations:

  • In-Memory This implementation just maps the objects to plain Java data structures. It does not provide any actual persistence. If the application shuts down, all data is lost. It is, obviously, the fastest performing implementation.
  • Berkeley DB For using Berkeley DB as a persistence provider, this implementation maps the Java object structure to a key/value model.
  • db4o Because db4o is an object database, this implementation can store and retrieve normal Java objects to and from the database.


The codename of this project is based on Kerr Avon, a character featured in the television series Blakes 7 which was produced by BBC Television from 1978 to 1981. Kerr Avon was an original member of Roj Blake's crew on the spaceship Liberator and has become famous for his logical and calculating thinking.

Together with the other members of Jenna Stannis, Vila Restal, Olag Gan, Cally and their computer Zen, Blake and Avon fought the Terran Federation represented by Supreme Commander Servalan and Space Commander Travis. After Blake and Jenna left the Liberator, Kerr Avon took command of the spaceship and recruited Dayna Mellanby and Del Tarrant as additions to his crew.

Current Version

The current release version of Avon is 0.9. We are currently working on the 2.0 release, a major refactoring of the 1.0 development branch. A concrete release date has not been defined yet.